11th September 2018

Values driven recruitment – how it starts with people and passion

Values driven recruitment – how it starts with people and passion We have a new face here at Peridot Partners. Philip Nelson joins the team as our Associate Director, bringing with him extensive experience in executive recruitment and practical ‘know how’, as a third sector champion and trustee. Passionate about the community in which he lives and with a determination to ‘do good better’, Philip is an experienced hands-on Trustee and Chair of several innovative organisations. A resident in Bloomsbury for over 16 years, Philip saw first-hand the devastation that the 7/7 bombings caused both immediately and then the aftermath – which ripples on in the memories of those affected and the public. He describes the weeks afterwards: “It was surreal. You often see pictures on lamp posts of people who have lost their cats and dogs, instead you were seeing photographs of people who were trying to track down their missing relatives and friends. It was harrowing.”    In 2012, following a successful campaign to restore Tavistock Square Gardens to their former glory following the London Bombings, Philip was invited by the 7/7 community, the families of the bereaved, survivors and members of the emergency services who attended Tavistock Square, […]
10th May 2018

Peridot Partners: Enabling YGAM to grow

The Young Gamblers Education Trust (known as YGAM) is a UK Registered Charity with a social purpose to ‘inform, educate and safeguard young people against problem gambling or social gaming.’ Since YGAM was founded three-years ago, the charity has quickly established itself as the emerging leading education charity around gambling & gaming harm-minimisation in the United Kingdom. Last year alone YGAM worked with almost 28,000 young people and collaborated with almost 300 educational organisations (schools, colleges, universities and charities) to deliver their programme. YGAM have been fortunate to have amassed support from several corporate partners including Peridot Partners, where we have supported their social impact from day one. Grant Taylor, Managing Director, Peridot Partners recalls ‘In August 2014, Lee Willows the founder of YGAM reached out to me following his own devastating experience of problem gambling which almost drove him to commit suicide however, what struck me about Lee is he had a deep resolve to turn what was a terrible experience in to something more positive. He asked me for help……..’ Over the past three years, Peridot Partners have been proud supporters of YGAM and have enjoyed supporting the charity grow and expend their social purpose. YGAM’s initial board were made up […]
28th March 2018

Drew Richardson-Walsh – “It’s ironic that I’ve learnt more about FE since not working in it”

Drew Richardson-Walsh – “It’s ironic that I’ve learnt more about FE since not working in it” I would never claim to know it all about anything, but I did feel pretty clued-up on the FE and skills sector before joining Peridot Partners in May 2017. In the last [almost] 11 months I have been proved wrong time and time again and I am so very glad of that. I have learnt more about the sector through providing services to it, than being a senior leader in it. Here’s a few reasons why I think that is: 1) At Peridot, I am encouraged to listen, to learn and to understand. Whilst working in the sector it sometimes felt impossible to take time out to have a sandwich, let alone read a sector-wide government plan and consider its implications on the business plan of the organisation. Now though, through taking the time to understand the challenges across the sector, across diverse colleges and education providers, I truly feel able to consult, to advise and share best practice from others who are doing a great job and as a commercial business, I think we at Peridot have a duty to do this for […]
8th March 2018

Demonstrating diversity to enable diversity

We’ve recently worked with one of the Arts Council National Portfolio Organisations and national museum, the National Justice Museum (NJM) to appoint their Chief Executive.  A key tenet of NPO funding focuses on encouraging organisations to be more diverse in their staff and governance, not as a cynical box ticking exercise, but because it creates better work that is much more dynamic, exciting and contemporary. In simple terms if we want our cultural output to reflect and speak to society, the organisations’ creating and curating that work must reflect society too. It was refreshing to see how the need for diversity was understood by trustees and staff within the museum and was integral to the next stage of their strategy and development – across programming, audience development, workforce and leadership, working hand in hand with their NPO Arts Council lead to ensure they can realise their ambitious plans. We are proud to have played our part in helping them appoint a dynamic and energetic new CEO and because of the well understood diversity dimension by everyone in the organisation, which we were able to profile and demonstrate, we attracted and engaged a range of diverse candidates across a plethora of […]
6th March 2018

In Praise of Remote and Flexible Working

Last week, as I cycled through the snow back from the school run, I was reflecting on the benefits of remote and flexible working. Because I am working from home today, I have been able to take my children to school – by bicycle, thus squeezing in some exercise too – pause to appreciate the gorgeous transformation of the local brook under a blanket of snow and still make it to my warm comfortable desk to start work at 9am. So far, so lovely – but if we pull back from the personal, what are the wider benefits of remote and flexible working? For some, from the employee’s point of view these might seem fairly obvious – most people would be happy to spend more time with their families, enjoy the beauty of nature and ditch the daily commute for less frequent early starts and long journeys, but are there other benefits both for employee and employer? Having a positive work-life balance makes for more effective working – it’s not about the number of hours spent in the office or at the computer but how effectively that time is used. No-one is likely to defend staring blankly at a screen […]
27th February 2018

Absence of fundraising skills on Trustee Boards.

The absence of fundraising skills on Trustee Boards: Are Chief Executives contributing to the problem? The need for fundraising experience and strategic fundraising insight on trustee boards has never been more important. Considering changing fundraising regulations, as well as the ongoing need for charities to grow their income to deliver more great work, having the right skills and knowledge at board level is crucial not only for survival, but for sustainable growth. Few would disagree that bringing fundraisers onto boards has benefits.  It can help charity boards embed an informed and innovative fundraising strategy, manage risk and ensure compliance, as well as help fundraisers to develop their strategic skills and board relations experience. It’s also a fantastic volunteering opportunity for fundraisers to be involved with a different cause and part of the charity sector. It stretches their perspectives and helps them to generate new ideas. At Peridot Partners we regularly work with non-profit organisations to recruit Trustees with specific skills. This includes finding people with experience of social care, digital, legal, finance, HR, education, operations, marketing and communications, as well as fundraising. Invariably, the first question prospective candidates in employment (those with the most currency) ask is ‘What is the […]
12th February 2018

Guest Blog | Lisa Capper | Principal & Director of Education and Skills | Nacro, Independent FE and why this is my best job yet!

Lisa Capper is Principal & Director of Education and Skills at Nacro, the Social Justice Charity FE is one of the most diverse and flexible elements of our education system. Over the years and through numerous skills strategies, FE has contributed to many areas of public policy like no other part of the education sector has.  As an Assistant Director for FE in Whitehall, recruited in to the Skills for Life Unit as Regional Director and later as Assistant Director for FE, I led and worked on many of these initiatives with ministers for over ten years. FE has supported employers and businesses, through many guises including National Skills Academies and now National Colleges, to get the advanced skills they need to compete and progress. It was FE that rallied employer champions for the Skills for Life campaign that successfully equipped employees, prisoners, and jobseekers with basic skills. I had the privilege of being part of Worldskills London 2011 where FE coached and promoted individuals to become the most skilled in the world in their chosen occupation, and inspired many others through its legacy, the Skills Show. It also showed the UK was open for business in a time of […]
23rd January 2018

Guest Blog | Victoria Edwards | Head of Representation and Democracy | A year at Kent Union

Victoria Edwards is Kent Union’s Head of Representation and Democracy and has just finished her first year in post. It’s been an exciting and challenging year for Victoria as she is new to the student movement and had to pick up the role quickly due to a Union election campaign and a general election campaign both taking place within a few months of Victoria starting. We asked Victoria to tell us more about her year at Kent Union and this is what she had to say. What have you enjoyed the most? “Not long after I started, I was asked to look at how we supported students on our overseas campuses in Paris and Brussels. I have enjoyed doing that work and it was a good way to introduce myself to the sector.  I was empowered to trial new ideas and the brief was similar to my previous role with The Prince’s Trust where I worked internationally. As Paris had a smaller number of students (35), I focused on that first and we created some bespoke training for their student representatives, giving them resources, contacts and digital platforms, and looking at ways that we could address their local needs. We […]