Peridot Partners Board Development Services

Peridot Partners help Boards to develop their effectiveness. Our Board reviews assess the current situation and benchmark our findings against high-performing and modern Boards. We focus on Board dynamics, relationships between Board Members and other Board Members and executives, as well as the effectiveness of the Board to undertake its business. We assess behaviours, skills, diversity, the quality of content and focus of work in Board meetings, committee structures and to what extent the organisation has established a clear role for Board Members through induction, ongoing training and support. We will help you to create an environment where Board performance is maximised.

Peridot Partners Board Effectiveness Reviews

Peridot Partners have experience of undertaking Board reviews with a range of different organisations including charities such as Bloodwise, Chelsea & Westminster Health Charity, Electrical Safety First, YGAM and Grandparents Plus. We have also worked with membership bodies with more complex board structures including The Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) and The Archives and Records Association, to non-profits such as the Fire Savers Credit Union.

A review of your Board by Peridot Partners will include; assessing the current skills, knowledge and experience amongst Board Members and where gaps exist in relation to the aspirations of the organisation, as well as, behaviours, attitudes and level of understanding that Board Members have of their role and responsibilities. We assess recruitment, induction, development, appraisal process, quality of meetings, focus of work and support objective setting for individual Board Members as well the Board as a collective body. We provide a report with clear recommendations and practical actions for your Board to consider and take forward in the spirit of development and being able to better support the organisation’s future aspirations.

Peridot Partners Board and Skills and Diversity Audits

Peridot Partners can help you to decide if you have the people to deliver the future strategy and business plan by benchmarking the make-up of your Board with other relevant organisations in your sector. A skills and diversity audit will include an assessment of the skills and experience required both at Board level and in the executive team, to expose where gaps exist.

What Our Clients Say

“I'd like to thank you for an excellent couple of days and the previous Board report. It has motivated and inspired the Trustees more than I hoped. The feedback has been of universal enjoyment and motivation. In the afternoon, the Trustees agreed changes to Board behaviour and a new draft vision and mission. The challenge will be to develop and keep the momentum. It's a good challenge. Thanks again. It has been one of those rare real and genuine good projects.”

John Chambers, Chief Executive of Archives & Records Association following a Board review and a project to design and deliver a new induction programme for Trustees.